East Pollokshields Crèche, Bringing childcare to you


East Pollokshields Mobile Crèche Service is totally committed to providing safe, age related, equal opportunities play for children ranging from 0 to 16 years of age. We provide a wide variety of toys, games and fun learning activities within a safe and secure environment. All of our equipment has been carefully selected to stimulate imaginations, promote development and encourage learning opportunities through play, in accordance with the regulations set down by The Care Commission for Scotland.

Child/Adult ratio

under 2 years2 max children
2-3 years3 max children
3-5 years5 max children
6-16 years8 max children

Minimum Space Requirements:

under 3 years3.76 sqr mtrs (40sq.ft)
3-5 years2.78 sqr mtrs (30sq.ft)
6-16 years2.5 sqr mtrs (25sq.ft)

East Pollokshield Mobile Crèche Service WILL require from you:

-A suitable venue with kitchen area and toilets nearby

-That the proposed venue is booked for an additional period of time before and after the actual crèche session times to accommodate setting up and clearing away activities.

East Pollokshield Mobile Crèche Service WILL provide to you:

-Staff which are qualified, extensively trained, very experienced and who have been comprehensively Disclosure Scotland and health checked.

-A service which is fully regulated by registration, inspection, good practice and the guidance procedures required by The Care Commission and the Children's Act 1989.

-A service which is based on quality childcare above the standards set down by the Care Commission.

-A crèche service which is supplied with full insurance cover.

To receive further information and a quote for your individual requirements please contact us here or download a booking form from here.


Child Protection
* All EPMC staff are Disclosure Scotland checked.
* The protection of the child is our first priority.
* We do not allow any other adults into the crèche other than the parents of the children in our care.
* Children will only be released from the crèche into the care of their parents or another individual named by the parent.
Behaviour Policy
* Any child, who is excessively disruptive and causing distress to others, will have to be collected by their parents.
* EPMC will return to their parents any child who is distressed if all efforts to comfort and console have failed.
* EPMC do not use any form of physical or mental punishment, nor is it threatened. In any case of misbehaviour, it is made clear to the child/ren in question that it is the behaviour and not the child/ren, which is unwelcome.
Equal Opportunities Policy
* EPMC staff actively promotes equality of opportunity and anti-discriminatory practice for all children.
Health and Safety Policy
* We take positive steps to promote safety and we ensure the proper precautions are taken to prevent accidents.
* We require each parent to complete a form regarding the individual needs of their child, on arrival to the crèche. This includes such information as special needs or allergies.
* We promote the good health of all who attend the crèche and we reserve the right to exclude any child who, in our opinion, appears unwell.
* Staff are informed and kept up to date with hygiene procedures.
* The safety of children is paramount. All children will be supervised by adults at all times and will always be within sight of an adult.
* EPMC has a policy regarding the administration of medicines and this will be made clear to each parent on arrival to the crèche.
Food and Drink
* We ensure that water is available at all times. We also provide a healthy snack with parental permission.
* We do not provide milk; this must be provided and prepared by the parents.

We will supervise snack times as required

The full policy of EPMC is available here


* We will invoice you at the agreed rate after the event. Invoices are to be paid within 30 days.
* In the case of block bookings we will invoice you on a monthly basis.
* If a cancellation is less than one week before the booked date, 50% of the total cost is payable.
* If on the day of the event, crèche facilities are not required for the full pre-arranged time, no refund will be given.
* If the client requires extra time from the crèche service on the day of the function, this will be at the discretion of the crèche manager, and will be included in the final invoice.
* We reserve the right not to allow a child into the crèche who, in our opinion, appears unwell.
* During the school week we reserve the right not to allow a child into the crèche who is of school age and therefore should be in full time education.
* Due to the most completely unavoidable circumstances, where EPMC is unable to attend your function, a full refund will be given.
* Refreshments for our staff are requested when a crèche extends beyond 3 hours.